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Warehouse with office facilities
Price: 4 900 000 EUR

Legal status

The owner of the property with an depot building is MLS Ltd.
The property is not subject to limited property rights.
It has a registered in land and mortgage register KW No. 41231 maintained by the District Court in Goleniów.


Description of property

The whole estate covers an area of 2.4362 ha and consists of the following plots of land from the Geodetic Survey of Łozienica in Goleniów Commune: 1173/2, 1173/3, 1177/1, 1177/2, 1177/3, 1178/1, 1178/2, 1178/2. Land development is presented in Appendix No. 1.


Construction of the building

On the premises there is a building - a depot with a steel skeleton structure in Astron system. Enclosure is made of layered Kingspan panels. The storage section is a single-nail construction with a height of 11 m, intended for installation of high storage shelves. Offices and production and social facilities are located in a two-storey building. Selected rooms (production and service) are equipped with anti-static floors. The building is suitable for disabled people.


Combination of surfaces

Roads and yards - 1 800 m2 (including parking area for 50 cars)
Building area: 5 200 m2
Total area: 7 100 m2
- warehouse: 3 200m2
- production: 1 850 m2
- offices and social facilities: 1 850 m2



Industrial facility. Originally designed as a personal computer factory with logistic and office facilities. Construction of the building prepared for further expansion of the warehouse up to 8,000 m2.


Installations, equipment, media

Heating – central, with gas. Lighting - fluorescent in the office and production part, metal halide in the warehouse and outside the building. Ventilation - central mechanical. Air conditioning - central with chilled water and glycol as a coolant. Security installations - CCTV, burglar alarm system, fire alarm system, access control system, emergency lighting. IT infrastructure - telephone exchange (150 subscribers), structured network, Wi-Fi, fibre-optic link to Polish Telecommunication.

Electricity (250 kW connection power), Gas, Water, Sanitary drainage, Melioration (drainage troughs on the eastern and western boundary).




Łozienica (72-100 Goleniów), ul. Prosta 30.
The site is part of the Goleniów Industrial Park and the Kostrzyn-Słubice Special Economic Zone - Goleniów Subzone. It is possible to obtain tax privileges.

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